Wildlife Survey

Mar 2nd, 2016

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Wildlife Survey

This is the document resulting from the second wildlife survey which was carried out in September last year.
The results provided by it are very disappointing and surprising as again the survey failed to find significant evidence of the protected mammals which are known to be in the area and which we have ample evidence of in video and photographic format. The picture in this blog entry is of a pine marten on our bird table in exactly the area where Wild Surveys said there were none to be found.

This is particularly surprising as the company who carried out the survey, Wild Surveys, stated that they completed a “desk study” of information in the public domain, but they didn’t mention the evidence which is easily available by putting the words “Donich” and “badger” or “squirrel” or “otter” or “pine marten” into a search engine, which is a technique that I would have thought would have been involved in any desk study for this kind of information!

The full text of the report is here. Protected Mammal Survey

I have also heard from a resident of the village that many more red squirrel dreys have been destroyed than have actually had a license. A complaint has been made to the wildlife crime officer at Scottish Natural Heritage – I have no evidence at this point whether this is true or not.

A final announcement about the income due to come to the village from the hydro is due to be made on 16th March at the Trust AGM

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