Update on progress

Oct 25th, 2015

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Update on progress

The work seems to be progressing according to schedule at the inlet (top) end of the project. The gallery pictures (click on the main image picture for more) were taken this afternoon. Some large gauge pipes have arrived on site, one culvert has been cut to let a stream flow into the Donich, and there are bags of cement and other building material present at a horizontal area which has been flattened at the end of what is now the access road, and where other construction seems to be about to occur.

One point of interest is that there has been considerable rain this week, but the water level on the Donich at the point where the intake is to occur is still pretty low (although it is considerable both at the waterfalls and at the bottom of its run). It is hard to imagine that this little stream is going to be able to generate the promised power output, and I am not the only person to comment on this. I’m not a hydro engineer though, so let’s hope I am wrong about this.

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