Two weeks to go

Aug 30th, 2016

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Two weeks to go

I heard that there has been confirmation from the Planning Authority that the developer will not be leaving the path in its current state and further restoration work is due to go ahead to restore the banks and vegetation.  The area around the Pump House has now been partially restored with chippings and looks a bit less like a war zone than it has of late.

Testing of the turbine has been proceeding over the weekend – I haven’t any information on how successful it has been – but as there are only two weeks to go before the hydro needs to be connected to the grid and producing – there has not been much of a margin left for last minute glitches.

There was also sound monitoring equipment on site last week and we were informed by Hydroplan that this is from a company called Vibrock who are producing a noise assessment plan which has to be approved by the National Park Authority.  I think everyone involved is now well aware that getting this part right is on the critical path.

I had some photos sent in of the construction at the top which appears to be complete and in process of landscaping.

Landscaping at the top Little water flow over inlet Water reservoir at inlet

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