Turbine Test

Jul 10th, 2016

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Turbine Test

I have been told that the turbine was tested on Friday and was not successful due to lack of torque causing a leak in one of the pipes.  This would fit in with what I have seen for myself because on Friday night the Czech company who made the turbine were onsite inspecting it.



We have also received a letter from our power company saying that they are cutting off power to our house most of the day on July 28th so that the Hydro can be connected to the grid.

After what I said the other day about the path, the Argyll weather is already proving me wrong because we had very heavy rain overnight and a load of the work that had been done was washed away.  There is now a sizeable stream running down the middle of what is supposed to be going to be the walking route.  Further on this subject, I asked the planning authority whether the document on exactly how the reconstruction is to take place was available to view, and apparently it is not available yet as there are on going consultations between the developer, the planners and the National Park.  I’m not sure whether these discussions include the Lochgoilhead community council but I will try to find out.

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