Status with one month to go

Aug 14th, 2016

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Status with one month to go

I have now been informed that the path is in fact officially open, but is not in its final state as they are still expecting restoration work to take place on it.  I do hope this is the case because we have had torrential rain recently, and not only is the path a quagmire, but even as you look you can see the banks at the side of the path eroding away.   Without the vegetation and tree roots to bind everything together, I can’t see the whole thing not crumbling away if we get the storms we usually do in autumn.

At the pump house, the doors have been put on and a ‘Tooway’ satellite dish has just appeared.  For some unknown reason, the area between the pump house and the tail race, which looked as though it had been smoothed over and completed, has now been dug up again, and there is now a huge trench which is rapidly filling up with water.

One thing I do not understand, is what is going to be done about connecting the system to the grid, as I believe this requires a power outage to our house.  We had been told that this was happening on 29th July, but this was cancelled and has never come back, so either there are really major delays, or they have decided it doesn’t need an outage after all.  If there are delays then they are cutting things very short as it is now one month today until it has to be attached to the grid and producing power if the developer (and the village) are to get their money.


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