State of the Hydro

Jun 13th, 2016

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State of the Hydro

A few things…

Firstly the construction is progressing at a reasonable pace.  I walked the length of the development late one evening.  At the top, the dam is completed and the pipe is ready for the Donich to be diverted into it.  Unfortunately for anyone hoping to make a lot of electricity out of it, the river is just a trickle at the moment as there has been virtually no rain for three weeks now.


The high-pressure part of the pipe is buried all the way down the hill, and at the moment the path is walkable although a bit of a messy dust bath.  As soon as it rains, however it will turn into an impassible morass of mud – so they need to get their skates on and get it surfaced.  In theory the postponed date for it to reopen is 30th June – i.e. two weeks away.  This is the path at the moment.


At the bottom, most of the tailrace is now constructed.  The pumphouse and pigging chamber also seem largely complete – obviously with the exception of the turbine.



Sadly, no adequate response was received from the developer regarding the positions of the louvres mentioned in the earlier post, and this has been raised with our local MSP with a request that he write to them expressing the concern that local residents feel about possible impact on the sound proofing conditions which form part of the planning consent.

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