State of play mid-April

Apr 11th, 2016

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State of play mid-April

These were some pictures we took mid April.

There have not been many changes up at the top end, with the river not yet connected in to the pipe. At the bottom, the pump house is mostly clad in breeze blocks; the tailrace has yet to be constructed.

The path up to the falls is an absolute scene of devastation at the moment as the remainder of the pipes are being buried. In places the construction area must be the best part of 20m wide, and a huge trench has taken a gouge out of the hillside. There is litter and abandoned jerry cans which has been left by the construction crew, and more areas with a lot of silt and what looks to me like some kind of spillages (not sure about whether this is harmful as I am not an expert).


Part of the path.


Very wide part about half way up.


Gouge through hillside for pipe laying.


Pipe near top end.



Example of the silt problem – this part has been caught by the trap so perhaps SEPA’s advice is having some effect.


There looked to be a spillage here (hasn’t come out well in the photo) which was right next to the abandoned cans below.



Next section of pipes ready to be buried.

With the extension granted by the planning authority, to the path closure there is now ten weeks for this to be completed and the area returned to normality. I don’t think from my reading of the planning consent that the developer is entitled to apply for a further extension but I could be wrong about this.

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