Some Updates

Jun 12th, 2015

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Some Updates

This is some further information I have managed to glean from various sources.

The Cormonachan scheme which was the sister scheme to the Donich (over at the other side of the loch) has been cancelled (or at least postponed indefinitely) – apparently because it was not possible to connect it to the grid. It is interesting that one of the original reasons the Loch Goil Trust supported the Donich scheme is that it was stated that the developer would pull out of Cormonachan if the community did not support the Donich. So the original rationale behind this whole affair has now gone.

Because of the cancellation, the Trust are increasing the community’s investment in the Donich by the amount of money which would have been invested in Cormonachan.

Further to this, the AGM of the Loch Goil Community Council took place this week, and after some questioning from members of the public, the following information was elicited from the Trust’s Chairman (Tom Murray).

a) There is to be a £900,000 investment up to the maximum % allowed for a community stake (20%)
b) The Trust believes that preliminary accreditation was granted in Oct 2014 and as such the deadline for the scheme to be working is October 2016. Provided this is the case, the tariff will be protected. There is a further deadline, which is that the community’s funds are coming from REIF. This fund is closing in March next year and the REIF website says that communities would have to draw their funds from it before the deadline.
c) The Donich scheme is now being handled under the Lochgoilhead Energy Company. This is a limited company with the Directors being two Directors of the Trust (Liz Bain and Tom Murray) and one further person (Pete Clark).
d) There is unlikely to be any work started this year affecting the Inveronich area but there may possibly be work higher up the scheme accessed via forestry roads (rather than the Donich circular).
e) The Loch Goil Trust who have been driving this scheme forward for several years no longer consider themselves to be responsible for it to the community. The developer (Broadlands) will not communicate with the Trust and the new ‘Loch Goil Energy Ltd’ is ‘only an investor in the scheme’. Because of this, it is the responsibility of any concerned individual to speak to the developer directly (having said this – I have tried with no response). Sadly, no one at the Trust or the Community Council is prepared to take responsibility for ensuring that this scheme has no negative effect on the community.

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