Some pictures of the ‘Top End’

Aug 7th, 2016

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Some pictures of the ‘Top End’

We had some pictures of the top end of the hydro sent in today – everything up there looks more or less finished.

Hydro Inlet Front Hydro Inlet Back

At times there also seems to be a little water running through the main pipe and coming out of the tailrace.  This was the situation this morning.

Hydro Outlet

But when I went to look tonight, there was nothing coming out, even though the Donich was in enormous spate as there has been a lot of rain over the last 24 hours.

The closure signs are now gone at the top of the path as well – so it obviously has been opened again.  I have to say that the communication skills of everyone involved in this project are about non-existent, a huge amount could have been done to allay hostility and fears over it if the developer and other people involved (including the Community Trust and Council of Lochgoilhead) could be bothered to send out a few update emails to people impacted.  I am still chasing the planning department for official confirmation that the path is open.

I walked the path today and I am still convinced that if it is left in its current state it won’t last out the autumn storms before it disappears down the hill into the river.



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