Some more changes

Apr 27th, 2016

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Some more changes

Some kind of equipment is now being fitted into the pump house. ¬†I am wondering if this may be the sound insulation….

IMG_20160427_183543 IMG_20160427_183559 IMG_20160427_183606

It also looks as though part of the hillside is in the process of reconstruction as a large wall of boulders has been built in to part of the gash in the hillside – unfortunately a bit difficult to see from the picture.


I heard a report that SEPA had replied to complaints made about the sediment in the river. ¬†Apparently they are maintaining regular contact with the contractors regarding progress of the site, and it is ‘probable but regrettable’ that there will be further releases of sediment and that this is unavoidable given the nature of the working area.

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