Some finance details published

Apr 27th, 2016

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Some finance details published

Some news about the finance deal was finally published on the Community Website.

Info from Community Website

It is interesting to see that the figure of £100,000 (gross) and £50,000 (net) income to the community which was mentioned in the minutes of the 2015 Lochgoilhead Community Trust AGM seems to have declined pretty radically to £10,000 per year initially, only rising to £33,000 by the end of year 15.  In fact even the £50,000 figure was a sizeable decrease from some of the amounts I heard mentioned when this was being sold to the community in the first place.

Someone suggested to me today that the community could spend the money putting the path up to the waterfall back to its former self – but I am still hoping that the developer will be held to account to do this and the money will be well spent in other areas where it is greatly needed locally.  At least it is to be hoped that it will be spent on something worthwhile which is decided by the whole community.



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