Sea of Mud

Mar 6th, 2016

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Sea of Mud

We walked up to the top of the development this morning and went back down by the path to Inveronich. Basically the only reason we were able to walk the path is the fact that it is below zero today and it is frozen over – otherwise it would be impassable as the whole thing is a sea of mud. As the path was closed just before Christmas, the developer now has three weeks to restore it to a state where it can be opened again as the works alongside the core footpath were specified to be finished within three months in the planning authority final decision notice. I find it hard to imagine that this is possible seeing the condition of it at the moment.



We also measured the width of the area which has been disturbed by the construction traffic, and in places what was a one meter wide path is now over six meters across.

There is also a massive mess at the bottom, and the start of what is frankly a huge concrete construction.


The only positive thing I could say about how it looks now is that having removed some of the rather ugly forestry has opened up some nice views down to the village. So maybe it will look alright when they get finished, but I can’t say I am convinced about that at the moment.

From the point of actual progress on the project, the pipe has been buried to approximately one third of the way up to the waterfalls, the dam at the top seems largely finished and they look as though they are about to start putting the tailrace in place.

As a reminder, this is the area of sublime natural beauty where this is all taking place with the consent of the planning committee of the Argyll Forest Park.


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