Restoration of Path

Mar 24th, 2016

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Restoration of Path

Today by my reckoning was three months since the path up to the waterfalls was closed. Access was supposed to have been restored at this point, and the path reinstated in a ‘normal’ condition (in fact this was a specific condition of the planning permission being granted). As of today the path is a) still closed b) a sea of mud with no sign that any work is being done to restore it (the pipeline isn’t finished so it couldn’t be done now anyway). In fact when I was up there this afternoon, there was a workman putting up a new barrier at the top of the path down to Inveronich as the first one had fallen down.

This weekend is the start of the tourist season here, and I did also notice that the diversion path is also in a terrible state, very very muddy and slippery.

It will be interesting to see when the path actually is reinstated and opened – I’m estimating it will be quite some time based on what I saw today.






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