No idea what is happening now…

Aug 1st, 2016

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No idea what is happening now…

Most active work at the hydro now seems to have ceased (possibly for the Glasgow fair holiday?).  The path is still unsurfaced and looks like a building site; I asked the planning department if it was still supposed to be opening on 1st August (which is now today) and they had no info that it wasn’t (but are following up to find out what is happening).  So last night I went to take a look, and the closed signs had been taken down at the bottom, but were still in place at the top.  Interestingly someone (not sure who) had put up a sign the other day saying “No vehicles” as we were aware that some idiots had taken motorbikes up there (this would be incredibly dangerous for both the person on the bike and any walkers on the path) and this had been torn down and thrown with the others at the side of the path.


Closed at the top.


“Open” at the bottom as far as the signs are concerned, however…


Does not look like the path everyone has been promising for over a year now to me…

I sincerely hope that Hydro Plan/Broadlands do not intend for this to be the finished version of the path, as if it is not properly surfaced it is going to be a mud bath as soon as it rains.  Also the whole thing is going to slip off the side of the cliff if it isn’t given some kind of vegetation barrier to hold it in place.  And it looks a right mess with rubbish and builders’ debris all over the place.

I have contacted the planners again about this and have also asked for a barrier and official sign to be put in place to stop people from taking motorised vehicles up it.  Not only would this ruin the path for walkers but it would be a literal death-trap.

The planned power outage at our house on 29th July was also cancelled and there is no sign it is returning.  Not sure (again) if this is a sign that there is some kind of delay, or if they simply decided they could do the work without it.  We await further developments – according to the minutes of the Community Trust, everything is on schedule for completion next month, but I have no faith that they actually have any reliable information on the subject, particularly as they have stated in the past that they have no other role in the scheme other than investors in it.

In preparation for the turbine going into operation I took the opportunity to take a decibel reading 10m from the pump house to give a ‘before’ baseline reading.  The picture shows that it is reading at 37.4 db average with that being the noise of the river in the background.



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