More progress

Jul 12th, 2016

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More progress

Things are coming on apace now.  In the pump house all the electrics are now wired in and attached to the turbine.  There is a new door lying on its side outside so these may be some of the last shots I can take of the interior.

IMG_20160711_195926 IMG_20160711_195933

The tailrace was completed today; the last tree was bulldozed out of the way and you can now see the entrance of the large pipe from the back of my land (I do note that there is no cover over it to stop animals getting in – again).


The path is also under active reconstruction.  There has been a lot of bulldozer activity and a number of culverts have been dug under the path, pipes have been inserted to provide drainage, and then the area has been concreted over.


At the top end everything seems complete bar the shouting.  The pipe is connected to the dam although at the moment the river isn’t draining in to it.  With it being July the Donich is lowish but far from empty as we have had a bit of rain of late.  I am going to be very interested to see what the waterfalls look like when it is switched on.


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