Lots of new construction and ‘Diversion Path’

Jan 23rd, 2016

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Lots of new construction and ‘Diversion Path’

Construction is now in full swing, both at the bottom, where there are huge piles of pipes, and at the top. I walked round the ‘diversion path’ yesterday and was passed by at least five vehicles. The road at the top is a sea of mud, and turning on to the path down to join back to the original waterfall path, I noticed that this seems to have seen construction traffic as well because it is all rutted up.

Getting back to the main path I got a nasty shock – a culvert had been dug right through what is supposed to be the access path, and further on the path was blocked by a huge pipe. At this point I had the choice of going down the closed path (where they were felling trees), turning back up the hill and going an extra three miles round, or climbing over the culvert. I did the latter, getting my boots very very muddy in the process. I am sure Hydroplan are not supposed to have done this, and it could actually be quite dangerous, not to mention disappointing for anyone not inclined to get that muddy, as there was no indication anywhere on the path that the diversion was not open.

Giant pipe blocking path

Culvert blocking diversion path

Construction work at top

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