Loch Goil Trust AGM

Feb 11th, 2015

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Loch Goil Trust AGM

The subject of the Hydro came up several times at the Trust AGM. Firstly there were some discussions around financials and how much income the community would receive from this. The figure of £50,000 was mentioned but everything was very vague with no specifics on exactly how the loan would work etc.

I then asked Tom Murray the Trust Chairman what was happening with communications from the developer around a) start date b) communication of exactly what disruption is going to occur and when (e.g. road closures, lorry noise etc.) c) general feedback from residents and the community in general about how the work was going. I was informed in reply that ‘the developer was not communicating even with the trust’ and that they were probably not going to now the scheme had been agreed and their profit under the government scheme was guaranteed. To me this state of affairs is something which absolutely has to be addressed by the Trust, or failing this by the Community Council.

Another snippet of information which was gleaned was that development ‘may start in the spring’ but that they were finding it difficult to get contractors to do the work because it has been so delayed that most of the available companies were busy working on other schemes (presumably also to take advantage of the favourable rates being offered in the rush for this type of ‘green’ energy).

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