Oct 30th, 2014

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We have had an exciting time in Lochgoilhead of late. Not only has the “Rest and be Thankful” been closed because of rain causing landslides, but we also had an incident on our local Inverlounin road where torrential rain caused a slip on to the road and blocked it for some time, with a digger being needed to reopen it.

Aside for the unfortunate inconvenience for local residents, it did occur to me that one of the reasons the original hydro plan (for a small community owned scheme) was rejected, was because of a concern around landslides and the general stability of ground around the Donich. It seems clear that there is instability in the area and anyone who regularly walks around this area would see that.

One major landslip around the Donich has every potential to ruin the village water supply, though apparently the developer has plans to make sure the issue does not occur. I hope this is the case.

The picture shows some of the water related damage which occurred to a path near the Donich.

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