Goodbye to all that…

Sep 29th, 2016

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Goodbye to all that…

With the Hydro in and running I won’t be updating this site on a regular basis any more unless there is a major development.  I plan to report from time to time on how the path is regenerating itself.  I’ll leave the site itself in place indefinitely as it should be a useful resource for any other community or individual who find themselves the target for this kind of development.  Hopefully it might alleviate someone’s feeling of panic that their homes were going to be ruined and if it does this for anyone, it was worth the trouble in making the site.

The outcome doesn’t seem to be as bad as feared, but it has caused medium term damage to a very beautiful area, and is generating a level of noise pollution which could have been avoided.  It remains to be seen what the long term damage to the ecology of the area will be.

One closing observation after running this site for nearly two years, is that virtually all the stress and hassle (for both the developer and the objectors) could have been avoided by proper communications by the people concerned in promoting and implementing this (Lochgoilhead Community Trust, Broadlands and Hydro Plan).  If they had shown as much concern for the legitimate feelings of residents and the impact on the ecology of the area as they did for making money out of the scheme, things would have gone much more smoothly.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with photos and information.  I can be contacted at

I’ll leave this with a picture of the waterfalls – still here at least when it is raining.

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