Further updates on Hydro

May 22nd, 2016

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Further updates on Hydro

Sunday today and just back from holiday so walked the site from top to bottom as there have been a number of updates since we went away.

At the top end, the Donich is still running diverted from its main bed, but the concrete dam seems nearly finished.  There is a corrugated concrete construction in the water now – we think it may be to divert water out of the pipe if the river is too full.

2 Intake



It is also interesting to see the wall of large stones which has been constructed, obviously to try to protect against landslides.

This is the point at which the low pressure tubing (the black pipe) joins the high pressure stuff (the blue pipe).


It is disappointing to see that there has been another diesel leak which is running down the middle of the road and will end up seeping into the local water table.

2 Diesel spill 22052016

Coming back down, there may be a sign that the path reconstruction is beginning as there is a line of large boulders down the left side of the path which may mark the demarcation of the new path.  Just as well if it is as the path reconstruction is supposed to be complete by end of June.


This is the view down to the pump house now.


Finally, the last part of the trench for the tailrace has now been cut out.  It would appear that all that is left to do on this part is to construct the concrete housing for it.

IMG_20160522_123613 IMG_20160522_123543

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