Further Path Closure

Jul 1st, 2016

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Further Path Closure

I heard back from the Planning Department today that they have given consent for Hydroplan to close the path for a further four weeks.  This will take the closure through to the end of July and will be seven months that it has been unavailable.  A few points come to mind…

a) It was pointed out on numerous occasions during the planning process that three months was not realistic, but the developer insisted it could be done in that time, presumably in order to maximize chances that planning consent would be granted.

b) As I said right at the start would be the case, the path has now been closed for the majority of the tourist season.

c) Once again, no one has thought to inform anyone locally of this.  I am now informed that the planners will be writing to the Inveronich residents and the Community Council and Trust, but this only seems to be after I contacted them directly.  Also, why are the developers not communicating anything about this?  I would not have expected that I would be having to chase this myself, as I would have thought I would be the informee rather than the informer.

I’ll be interested to see what happens in a month’s time – I’m far from convinced it will be finished by then but we will see.

The picture is of the view from the diversion path, which is very nice albeit a very long way round.

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