Further Hydro Developments

Feb 14th, 2016

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Further Hydro Developments

We (the Inveronich Residents Association) were asked by Hydroplan whether we would have objections to changing the powerhouse design from a wood cladded version to being entirely clad in tin.

We all considered that the original design would be more in keeping with the environment and after we informed the developer that we would have objections to any change, they agreed to go ahead as originally planned. Happy with that as an outcome as our concerns were taken into account and addressed.

I went to take a look at what has been happening at the bottom of the development, and there has been a lot of progress as can be seen in the pictures below. The powerhouse foundations seem to be coming along apace now, together with what I am told is called a ‘pigging chamber’ and is used as a service area for the hydro pipes (for example to clear accumulated silt).



We have had a bit of noise coming from the site this week, though nothing we can really hear in our house (bearing in mind it is well sound insulated). I would suspect it is a lot noisier from the other side of the river, but hopefully it won’t go on for that long.


  1. v.allan March 4, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    It is expected that on completion the Hydro Scheme will provide some income into the community ( The Wee Goil)

    Why has a substantial financial benefit to the community which we were sold on by the Lochgoilead Trust now become an ” expected” outcome?
    Who will really benefit from this scheme I am sure my fuel bill will not come down by one penny.

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