Finally managed to get some news

Apr 24th, 2015

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Finally managed to get some news

I finally managed to get an update from the Loch Goil Community Trust. They made three main points.

The Trust are apparently not receiving any communication from the developer. The same goes for the developer’s consultants, the Forestry Commission and others trying to deal with them. In the opinion of the trust, once this developer gets approval for a scheme, they ‘put it onto the back burner’ until they are ready to proceed. As of this week, it would still be just possible for them to meet with the draft timetable of spring 2016 for completion, but this would involve starting immediately.

With regard to the finances associated with the scheme, no investment has been made by the Trust on behalf of the Loch Goil community, and no investment will be made until the ‘prospectus’ associated with this is published. Apparently no details with regard to the figures can be understood until they are viewed in conjunction with this prospectus and they therefore will not be made available until then.

The Trust are exploring all avenues to attempt to progress the situation.

I find this situation entirely unsatisfactory, but there is not much anyone can do at the moment other than wait and see what happens.

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