Doors on and a Satellite Dish appears

Jul 22nd, 2016

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Doors on and a Satellite Dish appears

The doors are now on the pump house and a satellite dish has appeared at the back.


The tailrace now seems to be finished apart from there is no grill over it (there are slots for it), leaving a huge bore pipe for animals to wander in to.  I’ll mention this to the planners (again).  They are currently landscaping the area around it.



The path is smoothed over now and there are quite a lot of pipes running under it to provide drainage.  There is no sign of them gravelling it over yet, so everything is smooth until such time as we get more torrential rain, at which point it is all going to get washed away again.  They now have eight days until their deadline to open the path – again I am not holding my breath.

Near the waterfall, the new path up to the dam is having some work done to it – I’m not quite sure what because so far they have just dragged a load of brushwood from the surrounding forestry work over it.  So we shall see.

Another piece of news is that the electrical work which was due to cut our power off on July 29th has been cancelled, with no explanation from the power company on when (if) it is to be rescheduled.  Not sure what that is all about.  It is now seven weeks until the scheme needs to be in operation for the terms of the loan to be met.

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