Contact Information for Developer

Oct 3rd, 2014

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Contact Information for Developer

I contacted the Park Planning Officer (Erin Goldie) who was responsible for the case to find out what the next steps are. This was her response.

I can confirm that I am still the contact with regard to the Donich Water hydro scheme.

A series of planning conditions must be discharged (by the Planning Authority) before works can commence on site. These conditions form part of the decision notice that can be found in the public online file. Thereafter, the developer must submit an ‘notice of initiation of development’ so that we know work has started.

The site will be monitored regularly to ensure that construction is in accordance with the approved plans and conditions.

I am presuming from this that the community will be informed when work is about to start.

I also managed to find out the contact details for the actual developer.

Broadland Properties Ltd
Contact :
David Mosgrove
Address :
3 Lundy Rd
PH33 6NX
Phone :
01397 700282
Email :
Details :
Broadland Properties Ltd are owners and developers of hydro electric schemes. Currently we have 3 schemes ranging from 250kW to 1MW and further schemes are under construction. We hope to commission these schemes by Dec 2010 and have an installed capacity of 3.7MW. We have option agreements on other land and are interested in all commercial ventures.

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