Construction has started

Sep 21st, 2015

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Construction has started

Our neighbours and ourselves have now received a couple of informative emails from both Broadlands and Hydroplan telling us that work on the access road is definitely starting this week. We’ve been told that as residents, the road will not be closed to us, although it will be to members of the public (who frankly should not have been using it in the first place). We’ve also been supplied with contact details for the Project Manager and invited to contact him in the case of any issues.

The road has actually been left in a poor condition by the Forestry Commission up to now (to the extent that Argyll and Bute Council bin lorry drivers regard it as a health and safety issue and won’t drive down it to collect our refuse). Anyway, work does appear to have started today, and it seems pretty positive that the developer is communicating with us (and is prepared to meet to discuss issues) and has started on the date they said they were going to. A lot of the aggro over this whole situation could have been avoided if communications had been delivered in a timely fashion when at the start – but water under the bridge.

There is also signs that some explorative works are being done near Inveronich (see second picture), and we’ve been told that this is checking for the electric and water supplies for the houses to make sure they don’t cut them off.

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