Considerably more construction work done

Oct 14th, 2015

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Considerably more construction work done

With the road finished, the construction work has moved to the ‘top end’ where the dam is to be created. I walked up to take a look last night – they seem to be working very hard as there are people there until the light is going at night.

To see the work in progress – walk up to the Donich falls. Then take the first turning to the left (if you are coming up the steeper way from Inveronich), or the second turning on the right (the one not marked Coilessan Glen) if you are coming from the village. The path goes on up steeply for about 10 minutes and then joins with a forestry road going left right. Turn right and walk along the track for about 1km and you will see a turning to the right which is the new track to the hydro dam. At the moment there is some construction traffic there and a health and safety warning.

We walked right down as far as where the pipe will be going in to the Donich (which at this point is just a burn). It is hard to believe (with all the dry weather we have had recently) that any significant power will be able to be generated from it – but I am not an engineer so we will see.

At the moment it all looks reasonably tidy – certainly no worse than the usual state of affairs after the Forestry Commission have cleared an area.

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