Cladding and perhaps some progress on the path

May 10th, 2016

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Cladding and perhaps some progress on the path

The pump house is now largely covered in wood cladding.  It actually doesn’t look bad, although I see little evidence of the recessing into the ground which had been promised during the planning process.



On the hillside, there is some evidence that the reconstruction of the path may be beginning (just as well as there is only six weeks left to complete this), as the huge gouge in the ground has been filled in.



We walked up as far as the corner above the village after work for the day had finished, and the last sections of pipe are being buried, although it is clear they have encountered a lot of bedrock which has had to be laboriously chiseled out.


Devastated as the hillside looks at the moment, it has at least got rid of some awful old-style forestry commission planting which was so thick with non-native trees that you couldn’t see through it, and opened up a nice view down to the village.


Finally, we walked past the existing electricity sub-station and took a decibel reading from it.  At a distance of about four meters from it, there was a barely audible hum which could be heard above the noise of the river.  We recorded this at about 40db, which is slightly higher than the promised maximum noise level from the turbine.


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