Arrival of the Turbine

Jul 5th, 2016

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Arrival of the Turbine

The turbine has arrived in the Pump House.  A large doughnut shaped object has been placed around the hole which runs to the tailrace, and the large red thing in the photo (technical term) looks as though it will fit into it.

IMG_20160704_191057 IMG_20160704_191043 IMG_20160704_191036

This all looks as though it has the potential to be very noisy – so we will see how the sound proofing works.  On this front, we had another response from the developer regarding the move of the louvres (in contravention of the original planning permission).  This was five weeks after the original mail, and did not answer any of the three questions he was asked.

To the specific questions:-

“Who exactly made the decision to alter the position of the louvres?

When was this decision taken?

Why was no planning consent sought for this alteration?”

We got this response:-

“I’m afraid I can only restate my previous position, which is that the louvres were moved after the requirement for the inclusion of an RMU. Unfortunately the RMU housing is SSE standard and is somewhat larger than the RMU itself – hence the back wall is now full.  I can assure you that we are aware of our commitments in terms of noise and we will ensure that the scheme is compliant.”

We have now escalated this to the management of the National Park Planning Authority and will be meeting with our MSP, as it would appear that conditions set in the planning permission (and which were the reasons it was granted in the first place) are being ignored by the developer.  The louvres are one example, and another is the path closure where it now looks as though three months was stated as the closure period with no real consideration given to the time it would actually take rather than a best case guess which would make it more likely that consent would be granted.


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