A new piece of Machinery appears

Jun 28th, 2016

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A new piece of Machinery appears

A new piece of machinery has appeared at the back of the pump house.  We think that this is the “Ring Main Unit” (RMU) which caused all the hassle with the misplacement of the louvres as it had not been included in the original design.  This is used to connect the hydro to the grid supply.  If not that, perhaps it is the generator itself.


There is also some concrete construction work going on next to it on the top of the pigging chamber.

Up at the top dam, all the pipes are now buried and it looks as though it is more or less complete.  The tailrace is also completed, although it has a tree and a boulder blocking the area between the pipe and the river, so presumably they will also need to be moved (though it is hard to see how that will be accomplished as it looks almost impossible to get a crane down there).

It now being the end of June, by my calculations the path should be open in 3 days time (this is the amended date which is already three months late).  A degree of clearing up and drainage has been done, but it is still a quagmire (there has been quite a lot of rain since I took this photo) and unfit for normal use.


I am about to write to the planners to find out what is happening with this and will report when I hear something.

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