River Donich in early summer

The Donich Waterfalls are one of the sights on the Cowal Way

Protected mammals on the Donich include pine marten, badgers, otters, water vole and bats.

The tourist route leads past the waterfall to a path overlooking Loch Goil

Sunset view over the River Donich to Benn Bheula

Invertebrate life in the area is rich and biodiverse

Many species of native tree grow on the Donich’s banks

Ever varied greens of vegetation are varied by the vibrant colours of wild flowers

The Hydro has now been implemented, and although it has caused inconvenience to residents and has impacted the amenity and wildlife of the area - the results have not been disastrous (so far at least)

Please read the blog for a full account of what happens when a Hydro Scheme is developed in a National Park in close proximity to neighbouring properties

Our River

The Donich is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Argyle Forest National Park


It flows from its catchment area around the peak of Benn Donich into the river Goil and from there into the Loch


The falls at ‘The Meeting of the Waters’ are a well-known local beauty spot and tourist attraction


The ecosystem of the area is incredibly rich and is the home for a number of rare and protected species

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